About Our Company

Southern Sweepers and Scrubbers specializes in sweeper, scrubber, and diamond grinder rentals, and we also carry carpet extractors, floor burnishers/buffers, and wet/dry vacuums. We sell top-quality new and used machines from Tennant, Nobles, and HTC. Use us to order parts, brushes, detergents, and other chemicals to improve whatever flooring you may have; we ship worldwide. Trade-ins and sales of your new or used equipment are always welcome!

Get in touch with us!

Corporate office: (205) 560-0422

Fax: (205) 560-0423

After hours: (901) 212-3440 or (205) 478-4340

Email: office@southern-sweepers.com

Our locations and service areas:

Birmingham, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

Atlanta, Georgia

Jackson, Mississippi

Memphis, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Bowling Green, Kentucky